Joyous care, thank you gift bonus

JOINCE CARE (CEO Eun-Sook Choi) announced the list of winners of the appreciation award at the last Korean Festival over the age of 65 on September 22. 10 people (senior high school students): 1 person (48 "large TV): 2 people in the IGS Room 2: 3 persons in the high grade loess charcoal mat: Kim Jung, ) 10 people (white windmill rollers gift certificate) including So Ye Chu, Raymond Ki Duk Kim, Jung Hee Kim, Puja So, Ae Ja Chung, Jung Lee, Young H Lee, Kye Soon Kang, In September 22, a prize giving ceremony was held at 1 (1). In the presentations, "It is the first time I have ever received such a great product for my entire life. I would like to express my gratitude to JoyousCare for giving me such good luck. " JoyanceCare is a Korean-run visiting nursing / care specialist company that sends caregivers to elderly people or patients who are uncomfortable. JOINERCE CARE offers: * Family day care - simple cleaning, laundry, shopping, preparing meals and organizing * Personal hygiene - bathing, hair winding, hair dressing, limb care, helping out clothes, Vital Check - Blood Pressure, Body Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Diabetes, Weight Measurement * Others - Pampering, Organizing Mail, Paying Bills Helping, and going out. For more information, please call 678-248-5832.