Joining Care Helps Northside Hospital "Free Prostate Cancer Screening"

Joynus Care, in cooperation with NorthSide Hospital, will help Korean women apply for "free prostate cancer screening" from Monday, September 19 through Wednesday, May 21. If you want to apply, please contact 678-248-5832 (Joining Care). The subject is a man between the ages of 40 and 75 years who has not had a prostate test for the past year and is not covered or insured. The location is NorthSide Hospital-Forsyth, 1100 Northside Forsyth Dr # 140, Cumming, GA 30041). Applicants who will receive the test will receive a confirmation of receipt by mail or e-mail. The test date and time are from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm on October 26 (Wednesday), and the procedure is as follows . Visit the hospital according to the examination time on the receipt. Confirm the result of rectal screening on the same day. The results of the blood screening will be received by mail in two weeks. Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor originating from the periphery of the prostate gland. If you think of the prostate as a walnut, it is easier to understand that the problem with the inner fruit is the enlarged prostate and the problem with the outer shell is prostate cancer. Early prostate cancer rarely causes urological symptoms, but as the cancer progresses, it can cause important urological problems such as urethral compression and urinary obstruction. In addition, compared with other cancers, such as the spine or pelvic bone, the most central part of the body can cause the transition to serious complications. Prostate cancer is an uncommon disease before age 50, but it shows a rapid increase over the age of 50. One of the three male cancer patients in the United States, where we live, suffers from prostate cancer. It also has the second highest mortality rate after lung cancer. Recently, the National Health Insurance Corporation of Korea reported that prostate cancer was the most abundant cancer among various kinds of cancer. The incidence has increased 20.6 times over the last 20 years.